Combing the Net – 3/25/2011

Tennessee Is the Laziest State — By a large margin (pun intended), according to this poll.

Cookeville Man Played Drums With Nashville Legends — Not only is Troy Hatcher every bit as cool as this story makes him sound, he’s also a member of our church and has taken some of our School of Performing Arts students under his wing. Glad to see him getting some recognition!

A Mesmorizing Musical Matrix — I don’t really know how to describe this, but it’s one of the most fantastic things I’ve seen in a long time. (HT: Challies)

Stories From Japan — Inspiring stories of heroism and ingenuity in the wake of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami:

From Hymns to Hip-Hop — Another great article about the rise of Christian hip-hop (featuring Shai Linne, one of my personal favorites). It also includes some historical facts about the church’s acceptance (or lack thereof) of new forms of music throughout the centuries.

More Rob Bell — Because you apparently can’t be a Christian blogger these days without daily references to our favorite heretic, here are two more worthy links.

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