Combing the Net – 3/29/2011

The Fukushima Fifty — Updating a story I posted last week, this is the first interview granted by the brave men who are risking their lives to prevent a nuclear meltdown in Japan.

Not All Choices Are False — Ross Douthat’s excellent op-ed in the New York Times about President Obama’s speech last night is a great example of why it is so important that we educate our citizens in the art of logic and rhetoric, two third of the Trivium on which the curriculum of Highland Rim Academy is modeled.

Going to Church Makes You Fat — Speaking of logic… It seems they may have mistaken “correlation” for “causation”, but in any event this study records an observable connection between religious involvement and obesity.

Béla Bartók and Why You Should Care — Of particular interest in this blog (in addition to an excellent performance video of the composer’s String Quartet No. 1) is the emphasis on the importance of experiencing live musical performances. Parents, take your kids to concerts! (HT: Z) P.S. – If you’re local, there’s going to be a GREAT concert this Sunday afternoon at Crossville’s Stone Memorial High School, by the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass (shameless self-promotion). If you want tickets let me know.

To Love Your Neighbor You Must Know Your Neighbor — An excellent article, and something personally convicting for me. I’ve met many of my neighbors, but haven’t gone out of my way to really get to know them. “When we moved into the complex, we thought a lot about ‘how hard it is to meet your neighbors.’… But we were all wrong. It is not difficult to get to know your neighbors—it is simply not something most of us value.

The Inversion of Humility and Arrogance — Doug Wilson on how contemporary evangelicalism gets these two concepts totally backwards, and how it affects our dialogue with those of differing theological beliefs (HT: Already Not Yet):

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