Combing the Net – 3/30/2011

Anti-Tank Dogs Ran Under Tanks and Exploded — If we did this today, people would probably get more upset than they do about soldiers dying in battle…

The Real World — Does reading good literature have any value in the “Real World”?

He Hasn’t Even Died — Carl Trueman on the type of language usually used by emergent church leaders: “Rule of thumb: If it sounds like gibberish, it usually is.

Rob Bell Says He’s Been Slandered — Another clip from the same interview I linked to last week.

Who Killed God? — Last year, Mars Hill Church live-streamed a movie they created for Good Friday. I was able to watch most of it then, but not all. Today they’ve released it for download for the purposes of at churches. If you are on staff at a church, you might want to check it out to see if it’s something you’d like to show your congregation. Even if you’re not on a church staff, you can still view the movie, and possibly refer your staff to it. It’s sort of like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, only faithful to Scripture rather than Catholic mysticism. And much shorter (only 27 minutes).

I’ve seen a lot of these amateur “livelooped” videos lately, but this is definitely one of the best:

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