Combing the Net – 3/31/2011

First Image of Mercury From Orbit — NASA’s Messenger spacecraft has just become the first to ever orbit the Solar System’s first and smallest planet. You can find more pictures here.

Boy Skis Into Bear Den and Lives to Tell About It — A quote from the 12-year-old: “I accepted death, that was the feeling, let it come.”

Fukushima First Baptist Church — If you’ve been following the inspiring story of the “Fukushima Fifty” like I have, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. So encouraging to know that even in a country so unreached by the gospel of Christ, there are believers among those brave men, and others serving their community in the midst of tragedy.

The Three R’s: Why Christians Sing — 1) Singing helps us remember God’s Word. 2) Singing helps us respond to God’s grace. 3) Singing helps us reflect God’s glory. Bob Kauflin explains.

More evidence in the case against abortion:

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