Combing the Net – 4/1/2011

Facebook Friends Are Annoying — So says this study.

81-Year-Old Cookeville Lady Sentenced to Prison — For Internet crimes, no less!

Where Americans Are Moving — An interactive map that lets you select any county in the US to see population movement to and from other counties. Note the massive exodus from Detroit.

The Economic Cost of Losing Bats — Amazing how every one of God’s creatures plays such a vital role in the ecosystem. Something called “White Nose Syndrome” is decimating bat populations, which could potentially have a huge impact on agriculture and other industries.

Perpilocutionism — I’d probably have posted this just because it’s a cool word, but the article attached is also good. It’s by Douglas Wilson, who pretty much single-handedly started the modern classical Christian school movement, responding to a critique by a man with a different philosophy of Christian education.

Water Flames — Part 5 in Makoto Fujimura’s blog series about his new illuminated Bible, The Four Holy Gospels.

The voice actor who plays Homer Simpson describes the invention of the word “D’oh!”:

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