Combing the Net – 4/7/2011

Librarian Picks Final Four — Out of over 3,000,000 NCAA tournament brackets submitted on Yahoo, only one person correctly picked this year’s final four… she even picked UConn over Butler for the final! Wait til you see how she came up with her picks…

Why We Need Jane Austen — Originally I was going to post this based on the title alone, for the sake of my wife, who is a HUGE fan of Jane Austen. Then I actually read the article… it’s great! Maybe I need to be reading some of Laurie’s books…

Something to Celebrate in American Politics — Justin Taylor with links to two great articles about a piece of legislation on the table in Washington.

Isaac Watts: The Reformer You Know By Heart but Not By Name — I should hope more people DO know Watts by name, but probably not. We know and love his hymns, though… here’s a brief biographical sketch on one of my favorite people from church history. After you read that, go check out the first CD from Sojourn Music’s “Isaac Watts Project”. The second album is due out shortly… I can’t wait!

Burning the Qu’ran and Crucifying Christ — John Piper comments on the recent Qu’ran burning in Florida, and the outrage it has sparked.

50 Christian Albums for $5 — Amazon currently has a lot of great Christian music available for download pretty cheap.

A documentary about the Wah-Wah guitar pedal:

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