Combing the Net – 4/20/2011

The Rise of the Vengeful Visionary — Following the news of Fidel Castro’s official resignation, TIME magazine takes a look at a 1959 cover story on the Cuban’s rise to power. Interesting quote from the revolutionary leader: “We hate dictators.”

Parents, Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps — This dad looks at our society’s “fashion” trends and asks: “What in the hell is wrong with us?”

 Why Are Christian Movies So Awful? — An interesting article here from a secular source. I don’t agree with all of the author’s statements, but his question is valid. The short answer is this: As long as Christians keep forking over cash to watch third-rate films like The Blind Side and Fireproof, producers will keep making third-rate “Christian” films. Your free market at work. Speaking of free markets, at least Christians haven’t entirely cornered the horrible-movie market! Atlas Shrugged looks pretty awful, too.

Did President Lincoln Believe in God? — A letter written by a close colleague shortly after our 16th president’s assassination raises the question (again) of what his religious beliefs were.

What Would You Do if You Knew  You Would Die on Friday? — Would your list reflect your greatest priorities? (HT: Z)

The -ations of the Cross — Excellent.

Holy Week: What Happened on Wednesday? — Very thankful for this series by Justin Taylor, offering an attempted harmony/chronology of the final week of Jesus’ pre-resurrection life. Also thankful for the talents of Max McLean, who helps make Scripture come to life through his dramatic performances. Here is chapter 14 from his one-man play/recitation of the Gospel of Mark:

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