Combing the Net – 4/28/2011

The World’s Creepiest Abandoned Cities — Fascinating stuff here! I definitely did not know that there was a town in Pennsylvania that has been on fire since 1962.

How to Match a Tie to Your Shirt and Suit — Apparently there’s more to it than just making sure they are somewhere in the same vicinity on the color wheel. Thankfully, I married someone who knows this, so I don’t need to. Thus, this was interesting to read, but I’ll have forgotten it all in a few days.

Sleep Deprivation Makes Your Brain Go to Sleep — Individual neurons check out periodically during the day.

China Declares War on Christians — China is cracking down, and persecution against our brothers and sisters in the world’s most populous country is increasing.

Arousing Ourselves to Death — Pornography is wrecking Christian marriages, and churches are often ill-prepared to help. Russell Moore urges Christians and churches to take porn seriously, and to wage war against it. Why is pornography such a strong temptation?

“Pornography, by its very nature, leads to insatiability. One picture, stored in the memory, will never be enough to continue arousing a man. God, after all, designed the man and the woman to be satisfied not with a single sex act but with an ongoing appetite for each other, for the unitive and procreative union of flesh to flesh and soul to soul. One seeking the mystery outside of this covenantal union will never find what he is looking for. He will never find an image naked enough to satisfy him.”

I was at this hockey game on Sunday. No video can show how loud it really was… talk about exciting! Here’s one last celebratory look before tonight, when all will be forgotten as we begin round two of the playoffs. Bring on the Canucks!

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