Combing the Net – 5/13/2011

Facebook vs. Google — It looks like things are getting ugly between two of the largest Internet companies on the planet, with Facebook being “busted” trying to smear Google with false accusations.

Cafeteria Cameras Track Students’ Calorie Consumption — Yet another blatant abuse of power, as our government continues to try to control every aspect of our lives. If this were an isolated incident, it would still be lamentable, but it is symptomatic of an much larger erosion of liberty. Big Brother is watching…

Amish Technology — What can we learn from them?

A History of Christian Rock — More accurately, the musings of one music fan who was weaned on the stuff. I wonder if he listens to stuff like…

Shai Linne on Rapping the Attributes of God — I love Shai Linne’s music, particularly the depth of his lyrics. I’m excited about his upcoming album release, The Attributes of God. On his blog, he recently discussed why he wanted to make an album about God’s attributes. Here’s a quote: “Have any of you noticed that the vast majority of music that would fall into the category of “Christian” is not actually about God Himself?… most of the music I hear is more about US and our response to God, but not God Himself. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a place for music that deals with our response to God, but when that is the overwhelming majority of the music, we slowly begin to distort the truth about who the God is that we’re supposedly responding to.

Here’s Shai Linne rapping the book of Romans from an earlier project:


I’m not ashamed of the gospel y’all/
It’s the power of God that can save us all/
In the Gospel the righteousness of God revealed/
And who lives by faith, the righteous will

Verse 1:
Awake from your slumber, rise—A letter from the wise/
The Book of Romans—the Christian faith summarized/
By Paul, a bondservant of Christ Jesus/
Called to be an Apostle, set apart for the Gospel/
Chapter 1:16-17 is the thesis/
Because our sins are colossal, hearts harder than fossils/
That’s everybody’s plight; can’t solve it—goodnight/
How do sinners get right in a Holy God’s sight/
Amazing is the answer see, Romans states it candidly/
The first three chapters—God’s case against humanity/
Whether it is idolatry, or religious hypocrisy/
No one can possibly see the charges and say “It’s not for me”/
Everybody’s guilty, everybody’s filthy/
Before God on judgment day is where everybody will be/
But those who believe that Jesus suffered and died/
“It feels so good to be justified”.


Verse 2:
At the cross the wrath of God was spent out on Jesus/
On behalf of all who repent and believe this/
We receive His perfect righteousness/
In exchange, believers cursed lives are His/
Behold the blessedness for Earth’s cold residents/
Chapter 4—Paul defends it from the Old Testament/
Up to this point, we saw the need for Justification/
In Chapter 5 and following, we see its implications/
In service and purity, we yearn for maturity/
Empowered by Christ, who gives eternal security/
Slowly and surely, He removes every vice/
Raised to newness of life through our union with Christ/
But Chapter 7 finds us struggling with sin/
It’s bugging us within but He loves us ‘til the end/
Even with complications through sin’s occupation/
For God’s consecrated there’s no condemnation/
The Holy Spirit inside He comforts like no other/
He convinces us we’re God’s children even when we suffer/
Nothing in Creation could ever separate us/
From the love of God in Christ Jesus who saved us/
In Chapter 9 we see God is Sovereign in His mercy/
His dealings with Israel shows He’s working out His purposes/
By the end of 11 it’s Jew and Gentile together/
United in Christ to His glory forever!


Verse 3:
So in view of God’s mercies/
We remove our worldly uniforms and throw on crucified jerseys/
Holy and acceptable, ruled by the Divine/
Being transformed by renewal of the mind/
Yeshua’s design—obedience to the Scriptures/
With love as the key ingredient in the mixture/
The godly man’s picture under the new covenant/
Mindful of god we submit to the government/
Not passing judgment on weaker brothers/
Instead we spread love to them to keep them from stumbling/
When we do this, God will truly then smile/
As Christ is glorified through Jew and Gentile/
And the God of peace at His judgment seat/
Will soon crush Satan under our feet/
Now this is just an overview—go and read Romans through/
And I pray the God of Romans will grab hold of you.

One comment on “Combing the Net – 5/13/2011

  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

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