Combing the Net – 5/16/2011

SEAL Helmet Cams Record Bin Laden Raid — CBS has put out a digital re-creation of the attack based on video footage which is not available to the public.

The Terrorist and His Porn Stash — One thing not included in the CBS video is the tremendous amount of pornography found in Bin Laden’s hideaway. Al Mohler writes about OBL’s hypocrisy, but also includes a good word about protecting ourselves from similar rationalization and asceticism. Also, I enjoyed Mark Driscoll’s related tweet: “Apparently bin Laden was home watching porn with his multiple wives while plotting world destruction for the godless behavior of the west.”

Follow Fail — The Top 10 Reasons you will not get a return follow on Twitter. (Follow me!)

The Facebook Class — ALL right, class, here’s your homework assignment: Devise an app. Get people to use it. Repeat. That was the task for some Stanford students in the fall of 2007, in what became known here as the “Facebook Class.” No one expected what happened next.

The End of the World — According to Harold Camping, founder of Family Radio, there are 5 days remaining until the end of the world. He’s completely loony, but it’s still having the effect of making Christians look bad. Here are two very good responses to Mr. Camping’s false teaching:

Random neat video:

(HT: 22Words)

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