Combing the Net – 5/18/2011

25,000 and Counting, Big Mac Man Hits Milestone — For the record, that’s fifty thousand “all-beef” (debatable) patties, special sauce (tell me, is it still special the 25,000th time?), lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and seventy-five thousand sesame seed bun segments.

Where the 12 Apostles Died — A Google map showing accepted and debated locations of the places where the apostles’ died. (HT: JT)

The Danger of Praise — Is it dangerous to tell kids they are smart? One research project suggests a different approach to praise.

Twitter Slander — Emir Caner’s very unfunny tweet belittling the Acts 29 Network.

Infants Recognize Melodies Heard in the Womb — Songs heard by babies in the three weeks leading up to their birth can have a calming effect after birth. I still remember how entranced my son was when we took him to hear Keith & Kristyn Getty perform when he was about two months old!

Strong Dollar vs. Weak Dollar — Here’s a short and helpful look at the effects of the strength of the dollar. Weak isn’t always bad!

Brad Pitt’s Christian Upbringing — The star says it was “stifling”.

This looks like a film I need to check out!

Here is the film’s website:

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