Combing the Net – 5/20/2011

A Good Discussion on Alcohol — Video from  a recent conference panel discussion. Mark Driscoll shares his views on alcohol, with comments from a few of the other pastors in the panel. Zach Nielsen’s comments below the video are also good.

Mariachi Gollum — This was good for a laugh this morning!

Best Wedding Proposal Ever? — Men everywhere are angered by the raising of the proposal expectations bar, but you gotta give this guy credit. Besides, it’s the “yes” at the end that makes a proposal great, not all the flash at the beginning!

Redefining Bluegrass — If you haven’t checked out Sarah Jarosz, I highly recommend her music! NPR describes it as the child of a marriage between classical and bluegrass. Refreshingly original.

Seventeen Ways Harold Camping Glorifies God — Though his predictions of Christ’s return tomorrow are ridiculous (and, indeed, causing many to ridicule God’s Word and His people), still God is glorified through him.

A Pre-Tribulational Rapture? — Russell Moore, Dean of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, looks beyond Camping’s May 21 apocalyptic prediction and points out the inconsistencies in Bible interpretation that lead to a belief in a “rapture” of the Church prior to a time of great tribulation.

Below is a short video about the “Great Disappointment”, when William Miller and tens of thousands of his followers fervently believed and preached that Christ was returning October 22, 1844. It was one of the first in a long line of date-setting predictions… which have never ended well. The Millerites were devastated and disillusioned, and most of them rejected all of the Bible’s claims after they awoke on October 23, 1844. Like Harold Camping, the Millerites had previously set several dates, “recalculating” each time a date passed, but setting their final hopes on a single date. For Camping, that date is tomorrow. May we pray that his followers will repent and trust God’s Word on May 22.

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