Combing the Net – 5/21/2011 “END OF THE WORLD EDITION”

Top 10 End-of-the-World Prophecies — What do you know… Harold Camping made this list when he said the same thing in 1994 that he’s saying about today! Appearances also by David Koresh, Hal Lindsey, and a 16th-century German tailor who got his genitals nailed to the city gates for getting folks so worked up… I bet we wouldn’t get so many date-setters if that was a consequence of being wrong! — Where you can document your experience of not being raptured.

The Fall of Baaa-bylon — In honor of Judgment Day, a new track from heavy metal band Lambz of the Abyss

Rapture Music — In case heavy metal isn’t your thing, here’s something for easier listening… plus it has LEGOs!

Harold Camping is a False Prophet — One of the first of what is sure to be many newspaper headlines proclaiming Camping to be wrong. This is from Australia, where it is already May 22.

Harold Camping is Not a False Prophet — RC Sproul, Jr, charitably explains that Camping is an erroneous exegete, which is bad, but not as bad as being a false prophet. It’s a good distinction. All of us have erred in some way in our interpretation of Scripture.

Interviews with Camping and his followers (and others who have come to see what the hubbub is about) in what they believed was their final day on Earth. It’s quite sad, really. But Mr. Camping, you are no Billy Graham.

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