Combing the Net – 5/22/2011

Social Conservatives Worried About Ayn Rand Resurgence — A lot of conservatives have been talking about Ayn Rand lately, and ascribing to her philosophy. As a conservative Christian, I can tell you this is NOT a good thing.

Is Fair-Trade Really a Solution to Poverty? — Despite the “warm fuzzies” you might get from purchasing fair trade products, they don’t really help the poor at all. For more on this and other economic issues, I can’t recommend Money, Greed, and God highly enough!

Why Can’t College Grads Find Jobs? — Too many English majors.

Questionable Traffic Stops Caught on Camera — This is right here in Tennessee! Most of the police offers I know personally are really great, upstanding men and women. However, stuff like this ought to give anyone pause to consider how quickly and easily we sacrifice our liberty for the sake of “safety”…

If you’re reading this, it means you survived Harold Camping’s Judgment Day. Of course, the real thing IS coming some day! That’s probably the only thing that could rid the earth of these things.

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