Alistair Begg Preaching About the Second Coming

Alistair Begg, pastor of Parkside Church in northern Ohio, and host of the syndicated radio program Truth for Life, has been one of my favorite preachers since I first heard him ten years ago at CAMP-of-the-WOODS. I love the way he combines solid, exegetical teaching with a winsome, often humorous delivery. The fact that his Scottish accent makes his voice very pleasant to listen to is just icing on the cake!

There are several preachers whose sermons I check out regularly, and Begg is on that list. So I was glad to find that his sermons this past Sunday morning and evening were both 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5. The men in my small group have been studying through one of Paul’s shorter letters each week for the last month or so, and this week’s assignment is 1 Thessalonians.

The reason Begg chose that passage last week was to respond to Harold Camping’s failed prediction that the world would end last weekend. As a popular radio host, he had fielded several questions about the prophecies Camping had made on his radio station (Family Radio), and wanted to address it from God’s Word with his church.

It’s one of the best messages I’ve heard about the “times and seasons” and the “Day of the Lord” mentioned in 1 Thessalonians. I love that Begg encourages us to remember that in Scripture, “the plain things are the main things”, and that knowing who we are in Christ is far more important than charting dates or speculating about when the end will come. This echoes my own thoughts about eschatology! I encourage you to watch or listen to Begg’s two sermons, which you can find here.

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