Combing the Net – 5/30/2011

Reflections of Generosity — An arts movement that seeks to honor the sacrifice and generosity of members of the military through the visual and performing arts. Checking out some of their stuff is a great way to spend part of your Memorial Day!

Female Beauty Matters — Mary Kassian, author of Girls Gone Wise, weighs in on a conversation about the importance of Christian women remaining physically attractive to their husbands (I linked to Tim Challies’ article on this the other day). She sums up other recent viewpoints from Challies, Rachel Held Evans, and Mark Driscoll, before lending her own thoughts. I think she nails it.

Church Growth vs. Church Seasons — Do healthy churches always grow? Is a plateau or decline in attendance a sign of an unhealthy church?

Normally when someone displays an amazing talent, it is appropriate to respond with applause… but what do we do for this guy?

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