Combing the Net – 6/1/2011

New App Lets Unborn Choose Their Own Name — Only 99 cents to relieve the burden of picking a baby name? What a bargain! Simply put the phone up to mommy’s belly and let the baby kick!

The Shrine Down the Hall — A New York Times Magazine photo essay showing the bedrooms of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, including one from very near my hometown.

Liking is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts — This article is long, but it’s really great! Has technology provided an alternative to real love? Have we so cheapened the term “like” that we’re incapable of “love”? Lots to think about here.

Seminary: Why Not Get All You Can? — Al Mohler and Patrick Schreiner encourage seminarians to go full-bore into their studies. Further fuel on the fire of my own inner turmoil in deciding whether or not to go to seminary…

How to Honor Your Wife — A blog post adapted from Mark Driscoll’s sermon “Marriage and Men”. The article is good, but I really encourage you to watch the actual sermon. One of Driscoll’s best.

Somebody had to write this song. I’m glad it’s been done!

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