Combing the Net – 6/3/2011

What Is Your Major Worth? — Makes you wonder if it’s really worth all the money a lot of people throw at a college degree…

Federal Land in the U.S. — Wow! The Federal government has direct ownership of nearly 30% of United States territory, including most of the West.

A Musical Note About Presidential History — Somebody asked me a question about bugling “Taps” yesterday. In looking for an answer, I stumbled across this interesting piece regarding the “wrong note” played by Army bugler Keith Clark at the funeral of John F. Kennedy. The article seeks to vindicate him for his mistake, and talks about how that one chipped note has permanently marred an otherwise exceptional trumpeting career.

Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony — I’m not sure how actually likely this is, but it does seem a bit ridiculous.

Proverbs on Laziness — Our church just finished reading through the book of Proverbs together, so I thought I’d share this round-up of Biblical wisdom on the subject of laziness.

Here’s something you’ve likely never heard. The clarinetist from this group is my friend Morgan Nilsen. She and Justin Ancheta make up a group called Cradle Duende. They call their music “Klezmenco”… a combination of klezmer and flamenco styles. They are currently touring the East Coast on bikes (with blenders!) and trains. You can read up on them via their website. Here are a couple samples of their work:

One comment on “Combing the Net – 6/3/2011

  1. thanks for the post my friend, much love to your family!

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