Christian Perspectives on Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a presidential candidate that fascinates me. I’ve been curious to watch his rise in prominence over the last few years, and have been especially interested to see how Christians react to him. He certainly doesn’t toe the line of the “Moral Majority”, “Religious Right”, or any other alliterative socially conservative evangelical voting bloc.

Here are some interesting takes on Dr. Paul by prominent evangelical commentators:

The Undiscerning and Dangerous Appreciation of Ron Paul — As you might guess from the title, this article by David Bahnsen is critical of the Texas congressman. Though he agrees with Paul’s economic policies, Bahnsen believes that Paul has serious errors in his foreign policy, and believes his association with Lew Rockwell is cause for Christians to stay away.

Bright Lights and Big Bugs — Douglas Wilson responds to Bahnsen’s post, saying that Paul’s associations are not as big a deal as Bahnsen makes them. While acknowledging that Paul is far from a perfect candidate, Wilson comes to his defense, saying he’s a far cry better than the big government conservative alternatives.

Christian Conservatives Support Limited Government, Not Paul — An analyst for the Christian Post looks at reasons why many Christian conservatives have a hard time supporting a libertarian like Paul.

Ron Paul’s Christian Values — Here’s a rare interview on faith with the man himself. Normally reticent when it comes to discussing his personal beliefs, here Dr. Paul speaks candidly about religion and how it impacts his politics.

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