Combing the Net – 6/6/2011

Taboo Then, Typical Now — A gallery of shocking, barrier-crossing events in pop culture history.

Adoption, Identity, and Kung-Fu Panda — Russell Moore, author of Adopted for Life, reflects on the portrayal of adoption in “Kung-Fu Panda 2”.

The Impact of a Father Reading to His Child — Touching video of a father who read to his daughter every night until she left for college.

The Theology of Unitarian Universalists — Countering many common portrayals of universalists as a group of people who can believe absolutely anything, this Unitarian minister argues that “yes, we do have in fact a theology of sorts, a theology that has been relatively clear and consistent through time.” It is an interesting read — and the best explanation of UU theology I’ve ever heard (it’s an admittedly small sample size) — but also a sad read. If it were possible for someone to believe the exact opposite of everything I believe, it might be this woman.

Disproving God —Tony Payne with a well-written response to the common “problem of evil” argument against the existence of God. This is the argument that says that the existence of evil and suffering means that God is either unable to eliminate evil, or unwilling to do so, and that therefore He cannot good, loving, and all-powerful as Christians claim. We’ve all heard the argument; do we have an answer for it?

Laurie and I watched this movie last night. A great classic! It’s one of the many movies available for free online streaming for those who have an Amazon Prime account. If you do a lot of online shopping, the Prime membership is totally worth getting.

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