Combing the Net – 6/15/2011

Story of a Local Guitar Luthier — Loved this look into the life and work of a Nashville-based independent guitar maker named Manuel Delgado. Definitely a video to see! If you want to know more about this man’s guitars, check out his website:

Ron Paul Handily Won the Debate — The media pundits may not agree, but if applause is any indicator, it looks like Representative Paul won the audience’s vote on Monday night’s GOP debate.

The Real Force Behind E-Book Sales: Heaving Bosoms — It’s been widely reported that sales of e-books for Amazon’s Kindle and other similar electronic readers have caught — if not surpassed — sales of print books. This report indicates that romance novels are playing a large role in driving these sales. If these type of books a female’s equivalent of pornography (and I think they are), is this legitimizing it? How many more women might take their romance books out in public on a Kindle that might be embarrassed to carry around something that looks like this?

Hugh Hefner Will Die Alone — Speaking of pornography… this article looks at the false allure of porn and shallow sexuality. Though this article is written for men, I would say that the same reasoning could apply to women addicted to romance novels.

A documentary about the history of gospel music? Yes, please! (HT: JT)

One comment on “Combing the Net – 6/15/2011

  1. Adam says:

    I knew when I posed for that shot that I should not have tweeted it to my friends…

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