Combing the Net – 6/17/2011

Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Make You Hear Voices — Define “too much”. What’s that? Oh, good. They tell me I haven’t crossed that line yet.

Mark Driscoll’s Invitation to Fred Phelps — The gang from Westboro Baptist Church is scheduled to picket Driscoll’s Seattle-based Mars Hill Church on Sunday, so Driscoll decided to roll out the red carpet.

Baptists Reaffirm Belief in ‘Eternal’ Hell — A resolution from this week’s Southern Baptist Convention responds to Rob Bell’s controversial book. This story has appeared in a number of different locations, but I thought I’d post the Huffington Post iteration in case you feel like wading through some sad/funny comments.

What I Love About Sojourn Music — Bob Kauflin highlights one of my favorite new worship groups.

How Will We Care for the Extra Children? — One of the most common defenses of Roe v. Wade is that if abortion were illegal, we wouldn’t be able to care for all the extra children who would be born. Here is a well-reasoned answer to that question.

Did Vancouver’s Mayor Create an Environment Prone to Rioting? — Sad conclusion to a great series, as fans in Vancouver rioted following their Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins. Here’s a video of some of the mayhem (kudos to those brave few who tried to hold back the violence):

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