Combing the Net – 6/18/2011

12 Best Movies About Fatherhood — I haven’t seen all, but I’ve seen most. Definitely some great films on this list!

Cat Wishes It Was a Dog — Proof that even cats know that dogs are better! This cat barks like a dog until it is caught, then starts meowing again.

What Does JK Rowling Have Planned? — The Harry Potter author has set up a YouTube page with nothing but a countdown to an announcement. More owls gather every day… You can read some of the speculation about the announcement here, and or visit a mysterious new webpage called Pottermore.

Why Ron Paul is Suing Obama — Taking the president at his own past advice. For the record, I think the last administration was also in serious violation of the Constitution with unauthorized wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems neither party has much interest in restraining the power of the President or limiting the size of our government…

“The Big Man” Clarence Clemons’ Best Saxophone Solos — The legendary sax player from Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band died today from complications of a stroke. These videos are definitely worth checking out. Here’s one:

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