Combing the Net – 6/27/2011

30 Petitions to the Lord for My 30th Birthday — First of all, happy birthday to Trevin Wax, one of my favorite bloggers and author of Holy Subversion and Counterfeit Gospels. Here he shares a prayer he wrote including 30 requests of the Lord for the rest of his life. As someone who also recently turned 30, I found this to be excellent.

I Spank My Kids — Denny Burk follows up on a story I linked to last week about a mother in Texas who lost custody of her children and was sentenced to five years probation for spanking her child.

Returning Evil for Evil: The Snickering Consent of Prison Rape — Wow. I’ll admit to being someone who has really never considered this issue, but this was certainly an eye-opening article about a terrible situation in our prison systems.

The Hound of Heaven — A great reading (video) of a poem by 19th century Englishman Francis Thompson about God’s pursuit of him. It will probably be helpful to click on the first link on this page for the text of the poem as you are listening.

Ranking Pixar’s Films — I sure wouldn’t want to have to compile a list like this… they are all so great! Speaking of Pixar… today they released the first trailer for their next film, which is due next summer:

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