A Sex Trafficking Fairy-Tale

The Candy Shop is a short film produced to call attention to the growing problem of child sex trafficking in the United States. In Atlanta alone, where the film was produced, more than 500 adolescent girls are trafficked for sex each month.

The fight against child sex trafficking is one worth getting involved in. I hope you’ll take the time (only 30 minutes) to watch this movie. You can read more about the film (including some of the symbolism involved) and the Atlanta child sex industry here. (HT: Z)

First, the trailer:

And here the full movie (dark, but contains no sexual content):

2 comments on “A Sex Trafficking Fairy-Tale

  1. […] than abortion. Theoretically there is no liberal-conservative divide when it comes to child sex trafficking. Is there anybody who doesn’t oppose the sexual enslavement of children? Unlike abortion, […]

  2. amy says:

    I discovered your blog via Covenant Eyes and was quite taken back to learn of the percentage of human trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia. Equally, an eye-opener to learn of the films being made to create awareness….thank you for being one who isn’t afraid to cry out in this wilderness of “civilized people”… May God continue to bless you and your efforts to educate others about this wicked reality.

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