Something Fun for Your Weekend

WARNING: There’s a high likelihood that this post will result in your spending a LOT of time on YouTube! But I can promise you that if you like music, it will be worth it!

There’s a definite trend in pop culture now to experiment with music videos that maximize on the creative talents of uniquely gifted individuals. Through the use of video tracking, looping, and clever arranging, artists are able to reproduce themselves with both video and audio to create some truly outstanding videos! Below are just a few of my favorite such performers, along with a few samples of their work. If you like what they do as much as I do, I recommend you subscribe to them to see what fun things they’ll come up with next!

The Piano Guys

These guys were recently voted as YouTube’s #1 new channel! You can follow them on YouTube, Facebook, or via their website. Some sample clips:

PBP Productions

Mike Tompkins is a one-man vocal band. In addition to his great beatboxing skills, he is a remarkably expressive performer, which helps him stand out over other similar acts. Follow him on YouTube and Facebook, or visit his website.

Fredde Gredde

This young Swede may not have the video editing skills of some of the others, but he makes up for it with great instrumentals and arranging. Also, sometimes he sings in Swedish. Follow him on YouTube or at his website.

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