Combing the Net – 7/2/2011

9 Last Meals Chosen By Death Row Inmates — What would you request if you knew it was going to be the last thing you’d ever eat?

Why You’re More Likely to Die After You Get Paid — This article from the Freakonomics blog shows why death rates soar just after payday, particularly for our military personnel.

July’s $5 Music Specials — Every month Amazon features 100 MP3 albums for only $5. Here are this month’s selections!

Free Book of the Month — In another monthly special, is giving away Thom & Jess Rainer’s new book The Millenials. Good timing, too, as several folks from church have recommended that I get this one recently.

Mormons and That Musical — One Mormon reflects on the portrayal of his faith from the Tony award-winning musical “The Book of Mormon”. It’s certainly not a flattering depiction, but he finds some positives. Here is a video of the song “I Believe” referred to in the article, which offers “basic Mormon beliefs as punch lines”:

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