Combing the Net – 7/4/2011

A Prayer for the 4th of July — The now obscure second verse of a song that many will sing today is a fitting prayer for those whose love of country is rooted in love of the Author of true liberty.

South Sudanese Independence Day — Today marks the 235th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence. On Saturday, the Republic of South Sudan will be birthed, declaring its independence from Sudan after half a century of bloody civil war. This nation will have a tough road ahead; I pray that her citizens will know peace, and more importantly, the Prince of Peace.

History of the Nicene Creed — On a day when Americans remember the heritage of our nation, it is good for Christians to also remember the heritage of our faith. Here is an excellent brief history of the most influential creed passed down for the benefit of the Church by some of the earliest fathers of Christianity.

Swedish School Goes Genderless — One of the best ways to see the utter folly of a faulty worldview is to put it in practice. I only hope that these children aren’t too badly scarred by this social experiment.

The History of English in Ten Minutes — What a funny/informative cartoon series! It’s broken up into ten segments if you’re short on time, or simply click “play all” to become an expert on 1600 years of the history of the English language in a jiffy! (HT: 22Words)

Last but not least, here’s that march that everybody loves (except those who have to play it ad nauseum) this time of year. The redeeming factor about this recording? It includes an introduction from the March King himself, who definitively demonstrates for us not only how he wanted our national march to be played, but also that the proper pronunciation of his name is “soosa”, not “sooza”.

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