Combing the Net – 7/7/2011

Why C.J. Mahaney Is Taking a Leave of Absence — One of my favorite pastors is stepping down (at least temporarily) in the wake of charges filed against him by other pastors and leaders within the Sovereign Grace network, which he has led. Though the charges are not related to immorality or financial impropriety, Mahaney says they are serious, and he admits some level of guilt. It’s a sad thing to be reminded that our spiritual “heroes” are sinners, but it is encouraging to see the way a Godly man responds to charges and repents of sin. Justin Taylor’s comment at the end of this post is important: we must resist the temptation to speculate and gossip, and instead support Mahaney and SGM through this time.

3 Reasons Google + Won’t Solve the Privacy Problem — One of the better articles I’ve seen about Google’s new social network. Anybody tried it out yet and want to comment?

Unpacking the Casey Anthony Case — Pastor Chris Brauns writes about how Christians ought to interact with a case like this. They are good suggestions, and go well with the post I wrote yesterday about our reaction to the trial. (HT: Challies)

The Dogs (and Bears, and Camels) of War — An interesting piece about mascots on the battlefields of the American Civil War.

The Weaker, the Stronger, the Homeschooler, Part III — The conclusion to an excellent series on the nature of education, and the responsibility of parents to consider the options for teaching their children.

Are You a Foul Friend? — I have to guard against these traits, particularly the first. I want to be a good and Godly friend!

Here is a cool moment from the recent U2 concert in Nashville (their first in THIRTY YEARS), which apparently everyone went to but me. Bono saw a guy with a sign reading “Blind Guitar Player”, and called him to the stage to sing a song to his wife. Read more about this story and “the witness of U2” here.

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