Combing the Net – 7/10/2011

A Beer Lover’s Guide to Coffee — The fine folks at one of my favorite Nashville coffee shops have put out this handy guide to coffee selection, in an effort to introduce beer connoisseurs to the world of taste subtleties derived from the brewing of a different kind of plant. (Also helpful for non beer lovers).

The Divorce Generation — This story from The Wall Street Journal looks at how parents who are members of “Generation X” are striving to keep their marriages together, despite the fact that many of them are the children of divorced parents. I just caught the tail end of Generation X, but am incredibly thankful to have parents who stayed together. Both of them are the children of divorced parents, though, and I’m sure they had to deal with many of the same things as those in this article.

Casey Anthony — Another View — Del Tackett’s take on the whole Casey Anthony thing.

Harry Potter and Christian Theology — This class sounds very interesting. I absolutely agree that stories like Harry Potter can open up great philosophical conversations which are capable of addressing the “kinds of questions that faith demands”, though I wouldn’t arrive at all the same conclusions about God that this author does.

Samwise the Brave: Examining the Central Hero of The Lord of the Rings — A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day, and I just had to share it. Is Sam the real, central hero of LOTR? Great questions of one of the greatest novels of all time!

Back in March I shared a video of this guy performing “What Pi Sounds Like”. A couple weeks ago, in honor of Tau Day (June 28), he did the same thing based on τ, which equals 2π:

One comment on “Combing the Net – 7/10/2011

  1. John Gardner says:

    Thanks for the kind words. For years, the professionals have encouraged parents to spare the children from their inability to be civil with each other. How selfish. I don’t know of very many cases where that works out well for the children….or the parents, for that matter. Your grandpa worked 2 full time jobs until he retired (1 day off per month) because divorce means supporting two families. Your grandma was without a car for a couple years and we had to walk or bus everywhere. Financially it is pitiful. We got a softdrink and a frozen pizza on Fridays…that was our treat for the week. Being a part of two families is horrible. Your mother’s experience with divorce was also pretty bad…. climaxing in her having to walk herself down the isle for her wedding because her battling parents couldn’t even be civil enough to share in her wedding day. So, aside from all the reasons why people SHOULD stay together, as the article describes….we didn’t want you to go through what both of us did. I’m glad the divorce rate is coming down, but I still see the results of way too much of it with the high school teens I spend time with.

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