Combing the Net – 7/12/2011

Welcome to the World, South Sudan — Earth’s newest nation officially seceded from Sudan on Saturday. Here is the country’s story shown in pictures.

My Heroes Live in South Sudan — Justin Holcomb writes of his experiences in Sudan, and tells the story of the Christian chaplains in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

Arm Yourself for the Zombie Apocolypse — In case you ever need a shotgun that can do everything.

Is It Okay to Believe the Doctrine of Hell but Not Like It? — A thoughtful answer to a tough question.

Ron Bell’s Hell — The editor of Rob Bell’s much maligned book Love Wins comes to the defense of the controversial pastor/author. He wonders why conservative Christians would be so quick to defend a key doctrine, and oppose Bell so strongly.

I finally got a chance to watch this the other day. It’s a one-man show in which David Payne portrays C.S. Lewis speaking during the last year of his life. It’s very good! For more info on Payne and Lewis, check this out.

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