Combing the Net – 7/14/2011

Being a Gentleman in the Age of the Internet — A much needed corrective for online behavior, where civility often takes a back seat.

A gentleman treats others with dignity and respect, regardless of the kind of forum in which he participates. He treats life’s fellow travelers as he himself would like to be treated. And in doing so, he makes the world a little better of a place everywhere he goes. He leaves those he interacts with feeling edified and uplifted instead of depressed and angry. Every man has the power to brighten his corner of the world, whether that corner be in the office, his home, or online. The more men who decide to take the higher road of civility, the more enjoyable everyone’s lives become.”

Is Gender a Social Construct or a God-Given Identity? — This has been a hot topic lately, but for a long time it has been “the issue under a lot of issues”. Mark Driscoll addresses it here.

Should Parents Force Kids to Go to Church? — A loaded question indeed! These are good considerations.

Bad and Good Ways to Read “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” — As I wrote the other day, there have been a ton of really great articles written lately related to literature in general and Narnia specifically. Here’s another one.

Wow. One of the best marriage proposals ever?  (HT: 22Words)

One comment on “Combing the Net – 7/14/2011

  1. WilliesGurl says:

    I really enjoyed the article about children and church.

    When my brother sister and I were growing up, my parents were not walking with the Lord. My Grandfather told my mom something that has stuck with me…
    “Give your children the chance to choose like you were given.”
    At the time we were not going to church and Mom and Dad had no interest in doing so.. The Lord really used this in my family’s lives to bring us back to him.
    If it had not been for the one statement we may not have ever made the choice on our own… We were not “forced” just allowed to experience both sides.(We both went to church and didn’t go to church) and because of that we were able to make a decision based on our selves, not tradition or requirement.

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