Combing the Net – 7/18/2011

9 Lessons from God Concerning Sickness — J.C. Ryle’s list of things that sickness is meant to to do for us. I think it’s important to distinguish the fact that he says we should regard sickness as a blessing in disguise, not that it actually is one. I believe that sickness is part of the curse of the Fall, and not a blessing, but there is something to thinking about our sickness in the way he described that lets us see that God is sovereign even over our sickness, and His sovereignty is a blessing.

Are You “Contextualizing” or Are You Just Being Worldy? — An excerpt from a Spurgeon sermon circa 1887 that sounds like it was written yesterday.

How the Gospel Makes Us Generous and Content With Our Money — As someone who has also benefited from the work of Dave Ramsey (we’re debt-free except for the mortgage!) but is a little uncomfortable with his emphasis on getting rich, I think this is a really good article about finding the balance between “radical” living for God and the dangers of “poverty theology”.

Letter to an Incomplete, Insecure Teenager — John Piper shares a letter he wrote to a teen from his church four years ago. Excellent pastoral wisdom!

Why We Have Black Churches — Reflections on the impact of segregation on our churches from a black pastor. (HT: Caleb Cangelosi)

The Athanasian Creed — The Resurgence continues their series on the history of the Church’s confessional creeds, but managed (probably through some oversight) not to actually include the creed itself. So here’s a handy video to help us learn it (you can also read the text here):

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