Crossing Educational Boundaries

In the last couple weeks I have represented the School of Performing Arts at a homeschooling curriculum expo, back-to-school events for three public schools (with at least two more coming up), and with families from a private Christian school for which I serve on the School Board.

With as much emotion as gets packed into debates among Christians about which method of education is the “right” one for Christian families, people occasionally ask me why I involve myself so much with all different approaches to education. It’s a fair question.

As a parent, I certainly have my own opinion about how best to fulfill my obligation to raise my children in the nurture and instruction of the Lord. But as the administrator of a Christ-centered music school, and — more importantly — as a concerned Christian citizen, there are really only two pertinent points related to my decision to invest in home, private, and public schools:

  1. Every child needs to experience God’s love through relationships with caring, Christian adults
  2. Every child can benefit from what we offer: An excellent music education rooted in the understanding that the arts are a gift from a creative God, and are a primary means through which He reveals Himself to the world. Through the arts, we bear witness to the world that Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are objective realities evidencing the eternal attributes of our Creator.

Lots of Christian families make educational choices that I would not make for my family. Lots of parents, believers and unbelievers alike, give no thought at all to their children’s education, or feel as if they do not have a choice. My responsibility to each of these families, and to every child, is the same.

I love them. I want to teach them to love the Lord, and to show them that He loves them. I want them to learn to appreciate the Beauty that exists all around us in His creation, and to use the creative abilities He has given them to enrich the world with more Beauty.

It is my belief that it is entirely possible to winsomely work toward improvements across the entire educational spectrum, encouraging and aiding students, parents, and teachers throughout the community, while retaining my personal convictions about educational methods. I can and will continue to advocate for a specific type of education which I find to be superior to all others, while acknowledging that it may not be the best choice in every situation, and refraining from judging families who have weighed their options and chosen differently.

In the meantime, I hope and pray that the Lord will use me to impact the lives of children, wherever our paths may cross!

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