Combing the Net – 7/20/2011

Dramatic Swings — The story of Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton, whose toss of a baseball into the stands for a 6-year-old boy resulted in the tragic death of the boy’s father.

How Much Would It Cost to Go to Hogwarts? — One fan has done the math, and it comes in at a pricey $43,000 dollars a year! (Wow, Highland Rim Academy is a steal!)

Motherhood is a Calling — This is a tremendous article about the value our society places on having children. I’m so thankful to have a wife who loves and embraces her calling!

Churches Meeting in Public Schools — The USA Today looks at the legality of churches that rent public school buildings for their weekend services, which is a common practice. (HT: 9Marks) The church I grew up in did this for a while. Cookeville will soon have one fewer school-based church, as Grace Presbyterian has broken ground on their new building this week!

Please Stop Writing Fantasy Novels — Andrew Peterson on the importance of being read, and on the value of a great story. Speaking of which, North! Or Be Eaten, the second book of Peterson’s excellent “Wingfeather Saga”, is currently on sale at Amazon for less than $5!

This is a pretty cool idea: A soccer ball that generates electricity! To read more about about it, go here.

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