Tonight while out running an errand (okay I was picking up some $1 scoops from Baskin Robins!) I flipped to a radio station I don’t usually listen to. I can’t tell you who was on. I can tell you I was absolutely disgusted by what I heard. (And no, I wasn’t listening to country “music”.)

The DJ was talking about how teenage girls are often  pressured into unwanted sexual encounters by their boyfriends. So far, so good. The problem came with her solution.

Her suggestion to fix the problem? Parents should sit down with their teenage children and watch softcore pornography together, to show them what “normal, loving sex” looks like. Otherwise, the boys will only watch the wierd, hardcore stuff and expect their girlfriends to do it to/with/for them.

If only parents would introduce their kids to “healthy porn”, the girls wouldn’t feel so inhibited about “normal sex” with their boyfriends, and the boys wouldn’t try to force them to perform sexual acrobatics.

Wouldn’t that be grand?

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