Combing the Net – 8/3/2011

Chinese Persecution: Still a Tragic Reality — Ten years after writing Safely Home, a novel about the underground church in China which I have read several times and highly recommend, Randy Alcorn reminds us that the persecution of our Chinese brothers and sisters is still happening.

Martin Luther on Marriage as a School of Character — I always love reading Luther’s writing about his beloved wife, Katie, and their children. In this article we see that marriage is still the institution that teaches us the most about ourselves and about God’s great love for us.

Logic Lessons: Attack the Argument, Not the Person — In high school, one of my favorite subjects was logic. I still love to study the art of argument and debate. I only wish more people (especially those in our government and media!) were more devoted to using consistent logic! Perhaps the most commonly employed logical fallacy is the ad hominem attack, which this article addresses.

Why You Should Read Hannah Coulter — Russell Moore explains why everyone should take advantage of’s free book of the month offer for August. I love Wendell Berry’s writing as well, but have not yet ventured into his fiction (which real Berry fans say is his best work). Hannah Coulter will be my first of his novels, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Can Vegetables Save Cleveland? — Something tells me Wendell Berry would be very pleased with this initiative to re-claim farm land from post-industrial cities. He’s been suggesting it for many decades!

An oldie but a goodie… The Engineer’s Guide to Cats (HT: 22 Words):

You can check out this guy’s YouTube page for several sequels to this video. Enjoy!

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