Combing the Net – 8/4/2011

Phantom Vibration Syndrome — Finally, that sensation you get when you mistakenly think your cell phone is ringing or buzzing now has a name, and a research study to go with it. (HT: Challies)

Evangelicals Recommending Books — Fellow bibliophiles will like this article about the importance placed on good book reviews and recommendations in the evangelical world. (HT: Kingdom People)

Is Modern Youth Ministry a “50-Year Failed Experiment”? — I’m looking very much forward to watching the documentary mentioned in this article (available free online). This is mostly in line with my thinking about youth ministry. While I’m not ready to call it a “failed experiment”, I do believe that most youth groups have a terribly flawed model of discipleship, and would love to see a movement back toward generational integration.

Are Star Trek-style “replicators” moving from science fiction to science fact? This is so cool!

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