Adventures in Parenting: Addressing the Terrible Twos

Now that Nate has officially reached the toddler stage, my wife and I have found ourselves dealing with the adventure that is the Terrible Twos. Granted, his “terrible” really isn’t that bad, but we are occasionally presented with challenges to our authority that demand a response.

Unfortunately, the paint stirrer that we’ve been using as Nate’s “rod” has sort of lost its usefulness. Instead of being a deterrent, he’s starting to enjoy it. Sometimes he’ll just bring it out to us and say, “rod?” like he WANTS us to spank him!

So, until we are able to find a more effective means of corporal punishment, we’ve had to get a little creative with our discipline. For instance…

The other night, Nate refused to put on his pajamas. I didn’t feel like wrestling him into them, so I just said, “Nate, if you won’t be good and put on your jammies, I’m going to make you wear a dress!”

I guess he thought I was bluffing, because he continued his whining. I wasn’t bluffing!

If nothing else, this will serve as excellent blackmailing material in a few years!

Unorthodox? Perhaps. Effective? Absolutely!

For an instant I felt guilty, thinking this might mean I was a terrible dad (though I hear this sort of thing is common in Sweden), but then I thought about how blessed I am to have two wonderful children, and all that guilt was replaced by laughter. I mean, come on! He does look pretty darn funny in that dress!

And of course, he woke up the next morning, just as boyish and masculine as ever! I love my big guy!

And, of course, I love his little sister, too… and not just because she looks WAY better in a dress! I can’t tell you how much joy those two bring to my life!

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