Combing the Net – 8/7/2011

Where Children Sleep — Dramatic comparisons of the living conditions of children from around the world.

25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone — Interesting generational comparison here. This is a marketing blog, but I also think about the ministry implications of reaching the “iGen”.

Air Force and Bibles Don’t Mix — The Air Force recently pulled the plug on a decades-old ethics course amid complaints that it used Christian imagery and Scripture references. Now, it’s entirely possible that this course was trying to impose spiritual beliefs on attendants, but this is not evident from the objectionable PowerPoint presentation. My question would be how Weinstein could accuse the Air Force of attempting to “torture and distort our constitution” based on the discussion of Augustine’s Just War Theory in an ethics course, particularly given Augustine’s significant influence on the writers of our Constitution. Would it not be better to ask how a discussion of wartime ethics could not include Augustine’s influential writing? It is possible, after all, to acknowledge the importance of someone’s ideas without attempting to establish or require acceptance of that person’s religion. Surely the Constitution was not intended to exclude Christianity from the marketplace of ideas!

Longing for the Day of Perfect Relationships — I came across this prayer today at just the right time. I have been a little discouraged due to some unfortunate misunderstandings with some people I dearly love. This was a great reminder of why our blessed hope is in the Lord’s return, when everything wrong will be set right!

This new song from Aaron Shust has also been a blessing to me, as my soul has found rest as I wait on the Lord!

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