Combing the Net – 8/9/2011

Secret Cities of Yemen — Wow! These cities have some amazing architectural achievements, many of them hundreds of years old! Apparently, the Yemenese people were building skyscrapers while Europeans were still trying to figure out how to build 2-story buildings.

Government Logo Fail — The government-sponsored Smithsonian has pioneered a new “Department of Innovation”, inspired by Obama’s “Sputnik moment” speech from earlier this year. The problem? The Department’s logo features three interlocking gears which could never work! A fitting analogy of today’s government?

Love for the Big and Small — Wise pastoral counsel for a touchy subject that can be the cause of much hurt in a church. Kevin DeYoung encourages folks with large and small families to be sensitive toward one another, giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

The Air Force, Just War, and Nuclear Weapons — A few days ago I linked to a story about the Air Force’s decision to shut down a nuclear ethics class due to its inclusion of Christian imagery and Scripture references. I made the comment that I thought an ethics class on warfare should include discussion of Augustine’s Just War Theory, and I still do. However, I agree with this commentator that using Just War Theory to justify the use of nuclear weapons is a huge stretch.

C.S. Lewis vs. Modern Education (Part 2) — The “Live Like a Narnian” series just keeps on getting better! Today we see Lewis’ commitment to reversing the trajectory of modern education in favor of an older, and better, view of Man and education.

Speaking of education, here’s a cool video that can help pass the time during these dog days of summer while we wait for the return of the hockey season! I think I would have enjoyed going to this guy’s lecture…

One comment on “Combing the Net – 8/9/2011

  1. Jeff White says:

    Man, that hockey physics lecture was awesome.
    Man oh man, I am a nerd. 😉

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