The Ballad of Fake Robert

I once knew a fellow named Fake Robert Ward
Who went out in a fake blaze of glory.
He was well “liked”; his friends never bored.
For the rest of you: this is his story.

His origin came on one portentous morning
At a Stevens Street Baptist staff meeting.
Harmless jokes; then he suddenly came without warning.
Who knew then how such life can be fleeting?

Fake Robert’s advent was quite inauspicious,
Just a pic and some pers’nal info.
But soon people found out; a “hello” they did wish us.
His Like counter started to grow!

Soon family and friends (and some strange cop named Ryan)
Shared photographs, stories, and love
For a musical pastor who we’d all been dyin’
To tell the world what we thought of!

We invited Real Robert to come take a look —
Just to try it — but he never deigned.
There’s a Robert-shaped hole in the heart of Facebook;
At least Fake Bob kept some entertained!

Wish you could have joined in as his drama unfurled;
Reminisced about canteens and shoes.
At the speed of the socially media’d world
Better move fast; you snooze and you lose!

But who? The mysterious secret ID
Of one accused of possessing some wit?
While I’m not sure that quality indicates me,
To this caper I’ll gladly admit!


P.S. – Thanks to “Real Robert” for being such a good sport!

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