Combing the Net – 8/15/2011

To See the World As It Really Is — Joe Rigney begins to wrap up his “Live Like a Narnian” series by showing how C.S. Lewis’ approach to education led him to write the Chronicles of Narnia in the first place. Lewis believed that a good fairy tale is simply an imaginative way to see the world as it really is. I love this quote from the end of the article:

“A child raised on such stories will have developed the patterns and habits of thought and affection that will be well prepared to embrace the True, the Good, and the Beautiful (that is, to embrace Jesus Christ) when he finally encounters them (Him!) when he is grown. Like John the Baptist, Lewis and his cast of Narnians will have prepared the way.”

Classical Education — On a related note, I also enjoyed Kim Nielsen’s brief series on classical education. Each of these posts are very short, focusing on a different aspect of what I believe to be the best educational approach available:

The Council of Ephesus — From “The Concise History of Creeds & Confessions” series.

The Book of Acts in 3 Minutes (HT: Already Not Yet):

2 comments on “Combing the Net – 8/15/2011

  1. Joe Foell says:

    Interestingly, the “To see the world as it really is” link works for me, but none of the other links in the past three posts do. Is there something different in the way you’ve created that link vs. the others?

    • John Gardner says:

      Not that I can tell, but I don’t think you’re the only one having problems. There have been significantly fewer click-throughs from my posts in the last few days from what I usually have. If I can’t figure out why that is, I’ll probably just switch to a different format.

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