Combing the Net – 8/24/2011

Libyan Rebels Move on Tripoli — Photos from the ongoing fighting in Libya.

Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, and the Misnomer of Hit Singles — Why aren’t people buying pop music anymore? Is it because of piracy and the advent of streaming music over the Internet, or is it perhaps because customers just don’t care enough about music to bother to buy it?

Settle Down — John MacArthur has been addressing a series of blog posts to the “young, restless, and Reformed” crowd. The latest, which encourages young people to harness “the energy, intensity, drive, and passion that underlie the restless tendencies of our young adult years” and put it to work for Christ’s kingdom, is easily the best of the series so far.

What Romanian Believers Taught Me About Prayer — Trevin Wax reflects on the practice of corporate prayer in Romanian churches. It’s a pity that American individualism makes it so difficult for us to pray this way!

Want a Happy Marriage? Marry Someone Poor and Ugly! — David Murray cites “new research” which claims that rich people and pretty people are more selfish than their counterparts. I don’t know why it took teams of academicians so long to figure this out… Jimmy Soul was all over this story fifty years ago!

Of course, this theory is totally debunked by the fact that I am super happy with my stunningly beautiful wife!

3 comments on “Combing the Net – 8/24/2011

  1. Jenny says:

    So if you’re pretty and/or rich (or at least prettier and/or richer than the poor and/or ugly person you’re marrying), then your spouse will have a miserable marriage?

  2. John Gardner says:

    Um… no? If you click through and read the linked article you’ll find that it’s tongue-in-cheek. As far as the research papers written, I suppose you can interpret the data however you like.

  3. […] people in society. At least, that’s the conclusion that two articles in Time draw (HT John Gardner). Tags: beauty, education, employment, poverty, reading, SAT, test scores, wealthPosted in […]

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