A New Direction

It has been almost a week since my last post, which makes this (I think) my longest unintentional break from blogging since I began my first blog in 2003. It feels weird.

There are a couple reasons for the lack of blog activity, but lack of interest or desire are not among them! During the last two weeks, I have done a lot of thinking about the direction I want to take for this blog and for my writing in general. I feel some changes are in order.

Over the last eight years, my writing (and particularly my blogging) has changed quite a bit. My first blog was basically just a forum for pure self-expression. I had fun with it, but most of what I wrote was petty and/or trite (anybody remember the Stupid Outback Customer of the Day segments?). At best, it provided a momentary distraction and amusement… as if the Internet didn’t have enough distractions!

When I began Honey and Locusts, I wanted to transition to writing material that might actually benefit others. Granted, it has still primarily reflected my own journey of exploring things like theology, politics, and current events, but I have tried to write in a way that anyone reading along could learn something with me, or (even better) enter into a dialogue that would benefit both of us. This is still important to me, and I will continue to write posts with these goals in mind.

However, I have sensed that it is time for the overall direction of my writing to transition yet again. In an effort to write more frequently (especially during the last two years), I feel that the quality of my writing has suffered. Honestly, I have found that I have neither the time nor the intellect to write substantive, interesting, and relevant posts on a daily basis! I want to focus more on quality than quantity, as well as branching out to write more in my areas of expertise (music and music education), so that my writing is more likely to benefit others.

What will this transition look like? Well, first of all, I will be posting on Honey and Locusts a little less frequently. My goal is to write at least one book review and one other post each week, as well as occasionally highlighting articles written elsewhere online that I find of particular interest. I will be discontinuing the “Combing the Net” posts, which may be a disappointment to some. These daily posts are simply more time consuming than I can justify right now. Instead, I will be posting more links on Facebook, which takes less time. (If you aren’t my Facebook friend, feel free to add me!) For those of you looking for similar daily links pages, I highly recommend following the blogs of Tim Challies and Trevin Wax, each of whom offer a steady diet of great reading each morning.

In the meantime, I have also started a new writing project, which I’m really excited about! I’ll be sharing more about it in the coming weeks, but I want to get a little more writing done before I make anything public. The short version is that it is focused on music education, and the role the Church can (and should!) play in advancing the arts. This is a personal passion of mine, not to mention an area in which I actually feel qualified to instruct others!

It will probably take a few more weeks to develop a new writing routine and discipline myself to stick with it, but once that happens I hope to have two different writing outlets, each of which will be of more benefit to readers than continuing this blog in the same direction it’s had.

Thanks as always for reading, and stay tuned!

One comment on “A New Direction

  1. John Gardner says:

    I liked your Outback stories…and I will miss your combing the net…. You are a good writer, though, so I hope you are able to continue that with your other expanding and increasingly time consuming responsibilities. Proud of you. -dad

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