Life Lately

The blog’s been pretty quiet over the last couple weeks. Part of that has been intentional, part not. It’s certainly been an eventful time!

Putnam County Schools recently had two weeks off for Fall Break, and the School of Performing Arts took that time off as well. I worked the first week of the break, overseeing make-up lessons, preparing for the rest of the semester, and leading Sunday worship at our church.

I ended up taking most of the second week off, in order to work on the house. We got a TON of yard work done, as I was able to finally clear out the last overgrown and weeded portion of our yard. Now I can finally hang a hammock out back (once it gets warm again)!

We also got a lot of work done inside, mostly in the dining room. Some good friends from church also came by to offer assistance with hanging trim, which has made a HUGE difference! And at long last I was able to put some finishing touches on the bench seat I built two years ago (procrastination alert!), with some help from Nate.

Some smaller projects were also completed, including cleaning out the gutters, repairing a minor leak under the house, and spray painting the iron columns on our front porch. All in all, a very productive time!

The plan was to return to work this week, but that got put on hold with the news that my grandmother had died. Though it was not unexpected, and in many ways a relief that her suffering has ended, it was also a sad time. How thankful I am that her relationship with Christ allowed her death to be a time of celebration as well as of mourning! Laurie and I were able to take the kids to Cincinnati to attend the funeral, and enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with family.

All in all, it has amounted to about two weeks away from the Internet, which has been surprisingly refreshing. It may take me a while to get back into the routine of blogging, but at the very least I have several book reviews to write. After all, time away from the computer means even MORE time spent with books! Here are the books I’ve finished in the last month or so, which will have reviews posted shortly:

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