Christmas: The Unexamined Holiday

I love this article from Douglas Wilson, which urges us to examine both why and how we celebrate Advent. As he says, we must avoid the opposite errors of “gluttons” and “scrooges”. When we properly remember what we are really celebrating, we realize that we can (and should!) enjoy the “stuff” of the holiday. The fact that some are guilty of consumerism and overeating does not mean that we should neglect gift giving and feasting! Truly great thoughts; I hope you’ll check them out:

Celebrating Christmas Like a Puritan

UPDATE: Pastor Wilson’s sermon yesterday was on this very topic! Here is the video:

2 comments on “Christmas: The Unexamined Holiday

  1. Thanks for posting the sermon!



  2. jasoncohoon says:

    “Rejecting an abuse is not the same as rejecting the thing itself.”
    – Douglas Wilson
    Isaiah 25:6 I wonder what some will say when God serves aged wine at the wedding feast of Christ? My, my.

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