The Joke’s on You!


This morning I’ve been going through the rigmarole of getting my identity back after it was apparently stolen. I got a call yesterday saying someone had been fraudulently attempting to use my debit card, but to no avail. I guess he was caught down in Georgia somewhere.

I almost feel sorry for a guy who goes through the trouble of hacking into an account, only to realize it belongs to someone in full-time church ministry. Nothing there to steal!

It has been a hassle, particularly since I won’t get my new debit card until after we are back from our holiday traveling, but things could definitely have been worse. We can still use my wife’s card to have access to our account, and no money was taken. The only real problem was the embarrassment of not being able to purchase Laurie’s gift last night because my card was declined… that was the first I realized there was a problem. I am super thankful for such a quick and relatively painless resolution to all this through working with the folks at First National Bank.

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