Combing the Net – Special Political Edition

I haven’t done a links post in several months, but this week I’ve read quite a few articles that I have really enjoyed. I hope you find them as thought-provoking as I have!

5 Thoughts on the South Carolina Newtslide — Keen observations from Douglas Wilson about the results of last week’s South Carolina primary. Though Gingrich is mentioned in the post’s title, Wilson writes about all four candidates.

Ron Paul: The 21st Century Goldwater — This article from World magazine has a very interesting take on Congressman Paul, drawing comparisons with Senator Barry Goldwater’s 1964 candidacy. The similarity is not so much in their policies (though there are definitely some substantial areas in which they agree), but in their potential legacy. At the time, Goldwater’s views were against the mainstream of GOP thinking, and he was trounced in the election. However, a young, dynamic Republican leader named Ronald Reagan took Goldwater’s message of conservative principles and convinced the American people to believe. With the level of support Paul is receiving from young voters, might there be someone coming along who can take the “Revolution” to the next level?

Newt Gingrich, The Man Who Knows Too Much — Michael Gerson’s recent editorial in the Washington Post highlights the dangers of supporting a candidate with “no history of prudence”. What I found most interesting was the depiction of Gingrich as an excellent diagnostician who comes up short when it comes to prescription. Bonus points for a G.K. Chesterton reference in the headline! (Apologies if the WaPo asks you to sign in to access this article… I didn’t have to earlier this week, but it’s asking for it now for some reason).

What the Debates Say About America — Kevin DeYoung normally stays out of politics on his blog, but I appreciate his thoughts on the topic of the debates. Best line:  “The debates are American Idol for people who sing worse, dress more respectably, and spend equal time on their hair.” Also, the P.S. at the end is pretty funny… it’s obvious KDY has spent enough time in the blogosphere to know what usually happens to comment threads on political posts!

Also, in case you missed it, I’d like to give yet another recommendation to an excellent article by Voddie Baucham that I mentioned last week: Why Ron Paul?

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