Conspiracy Theorizing

Apparently, Ron Paul supporters (and Libertarians in general) have a reputation for being conspiracy theorists. Who knows, maybe it’s deserved. The word “theory” comes from the Greek word θεωρία, which has to do with “contemplating, speculating, looking at, considering”. So today, we’re going to indulge in just a little contemplation of whether or not there might be some shenanigans going on  to ensure that our next President will continue the trajectory that his predecessors have been on for longer than I’ve been alive, regardless of their party affiliation. As with all good conspiracy theories, the politicians, media, and big business are all complicit (of course!).

I’d like to point out three excellent resources to which I hope you’ll give fair consideration. First up is Judge Andrew Napolitano’s monologue from the penultimate broadcast of his show, Freedom Watch. After frequently giving positive press to Ron Paul, his show was cancelled by Fox Business Network. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

Next, reports of voter fraud from the Maine GOP Primary, via Ben Swann from WXIX Cincinnati.

Finally, Tom Woods made an effort to “understand the thinking behind the great many Americans who have decided to vote for a mainstream politician in 2012”. He came up with this list of 26 Things Non-Paul Voters Are Saying With Their Vote.

Here’s a short sampling:

(22) I do not trust the media. But when the media tells me I am not to support Ron Paul, who says things he is not allowed to say, I will comply.

(23) I know the media will smear or marginalize anyone who would really fix this country. But when the media smears and marginalizes Ron Paul, I will draw no conclusion from this.

(24) I want to be spoken to like this: “My fellow Americans, you are the awesomest of the awesome, and the only reason anyone in the world might be unhappy with your government is because of your sheer awesomeness.”

So, are those of us who do not believe there is any significant difference between Republicans and Democrats wearing aluminum hats, or shouting at brick walls? We report, you decide.

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